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29 Nov

I need to do more creative writing. I have all these ideas and snippets of screenplays and short stories that I want to work on but never get around to. Besides, now that I’m taking science classes and I work as a nanny, I’m not around creative types as often, so there is no one to review and critique what I’ve written. So, my plan here with this blog is to post things I’m working on, ideas I have that I might want to get to later, and things I have finished. Then, I can share it on facebook or whatever and hopefully people will read it and tell me what they think.

I’m going to the gym now, but my goal is to post something once a week, even if it’s crap.

If anyone wants to join me to start a writing group because you need to write more, too, let me know. I don’t know how the logistics would work, but I would love to try.