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Not Going To Shampoo My Hair For Two Weeks (or Forever)

9 Apr

I found out that there are a bunch of people who have stopped shampooing their hair. They say that shampoo dries out your hair and causes your scalp to overproduce oil to try and compensate for the damage done by the shampoo. Conditioner is a temporary deterrent, but can’t effectively replace the oil.

I already stopped washing my face with cleansers. I use Pond’s Cold Cream now, after my shower. You smear it on, then wipe it off. The dirt comes off with it, and your face never loses any moisture. Sometimes I’ll use a bar of Dove soap while I shower, if I was out in the dirt all day, but I still use the cold cream after. My skin looks pretty good. I rarely get pimples, and when I do, they are tiny. I also feel less greasy- actually, I don’t feel greasy at all anymore. 

Having seen these results in my skin after swearing off face wash, I was primed to believe that other grooming products were actually causing the problems I was using them to get rid of. I only had to hear shampoo was making my hair frizzy and unmanageable one time before I was doing internet searches and finding out what I could do.

The answer is to stop shampooing your hair. You still rinse it with water a few times a week, but you no longer put any soap in it. After about two weeks without shampoo, your scalp will stop producing as much oil, since it no longer needs to compensate for chemicals drying out your hair, and your hair stays as attractive as it was before, or becomes more visually appealing. All you have to do is brush it thoroughly every day to evenly distribute the oils, making sure to clean your brush at least once a week.

I’m on day 5 without shampoo, and my poor hair is starting to look greasy. But, in 9 days, my scalp will get acclimated and I’ll get to see if there’s any improvement to my hair. I’m excited about that.